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No credit card required.

The free trial allows you to import one tape only.

A simple Mac app to import, share, archive, and edit video footage from your old camcorders.  Support for MiniDV, HDV, Video8, Hi8 and Digital8 (D8) tape formats.

  • Convert your old video footage from standard definition (SD) to HD.  
  • Support for the Mac's "Share Menu" (share to iMessage, Mail and Photos).  
  • Automated file syncing when choosing a new folder to store your video.
  • Import videos from your computer, phone, phone or digital camera. 

There is a known issue with Canon camcorders and LifeFlix. The audio will not be imported if you simply click "Import". To learn how work around this limitation please go here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 212 reviews
Azad Halim (Southampton, GB)
Love the product

Great support

peter lawson (Pontypridd, GB)
Simply brilliant!

It’s a delight to use. I upgraded to the full paid software within 10 mins of using the free trial. Clearly understandable and Intuitive controls meant that I was digitising and editing my old DV tapes with ease. I’m a very happy camper!

Harald Mortensen (Spydeberg, NO)
Verry Good

Verry Good

Sputnik (Adelaide, AU)
Absolutely brilliant!

OK, so I can't yet comment on exactly how good the quality of the digitising is, but holy quacamole this software works a treat. Worth every cent! I have literally 100s of old tapes I wanted to go through and I'm on about tape 12 (yes, it will be a long term project) and this software has been absolutely epic. I'm playing old DV and HDV tapes from a camera into my 2021 model mac via a Firewire > Thunderbolt 2 > Thunderbolt 3 daisy chain of adaptors and it's working just fine. Tried going direct in to Adobe Premiere and was having all sorts of problems. (I THINK it was because more recent tapes were supported but earlier ones filmed on older cameras were not even though they all played just fine out of the camera). Anyway, after sitting there crying for a while I came across someone who'd suggested this software and hell. yeah. It's not sexy, and every now and then the software is a bit slow when you're trying to save your clips out to your computer, but it works just like everyone else says it does and i am as happy as a little piggy in poo getting all my old camera tapes from literally 20 years ago, digitised. Haven't tried even older Hi8 tapes yet but that's next... fingers crossed. Thankyou LifeFlix this is the best!

Edward S (San Leandro, US)
Easy Reliable Mini DV Tape to File Conversion

I had about 80 Mini DV tapes of my family to convert into movie files to edit. I could not have done it any easier or more reliable without Lifeflix. Saved a ton of time importing with Lifeflix vs importing directly to iMovie from a Sony PC100 Camcorder. Lifeflix cataloged all my Mini DV tapes and within the program I can combine, trim, files and share. Very intuitive, simple, and efficient. Thanks Lifeflix!!!

John Disque (Wake Forest, US)
Had a bad dV tape that would not capture

I had a DV tape that would not capture via iMovie without creating a hundred small events. LifeFlix was the only app that did the job. If I come across any more dv tapes that don’t work , I’ll purchase the app .

Katie Moore (Les Houches, FR)
mini DV tapes saved to disk

works prefectly with 2nd hand camera to collect images on mini DV cassettes

Robert Hummel (Laguna Beach, US)
The Best Solution Out There for Capturing MiniDV & Hi8mm, but...

It's almost perfect. And frankly it's the best choice available, but I wish I could disable the feature where it stops capturing if there's an interruption to the video signal causing LifeFlix to send a STOP command to the MiniDV camcorder. I would like an option where it continues to record and digitize regardless of what it thinks of the signal quality. Most of the time it's flawless, but when LifeFlix runs into a tape that has degraded a bit, it hiccups and gives up after a few seconds. Yet... The video is there, and would be captured if LifeFlix would "stop stopping"
I've overseen the restorations of WIzard of Oz, Gone With the Wind, among others... and this is without a doubt the best option for capturing MiniDv and Hi8mm tapes. For VHS, I recommend a BlackMagic Intensity capture card, but if you can't get that, then LifeFlix is for you (Well... all of us).

A Dire (Lancaster, US)
Lifeflix worked

Lifeflix came through with my Sony TRV-22 DV tape transfer. Didn't encounter audio dropouts that appeared using other apps. Then again, the trial was only for a single tape. May consider purchase if cost was a bit lower.

Janie Gaumond-Brunet (Bromont, CA)