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The free trial allows you to import one tape only.

A simple Mac app to import, share, archive, and edit video footage from your old camcorders.  Support for MiniDV, HDV, Video8, Hi8 and Digital8 (D8) tape formats.

  • Convert your old video footage from standard definition (SD) to HD.  
  • Support for the Mac's "Share Menu" (share to iMessage, Mail and Photos).  
  • Automated file syncing when choosing a new folder to store your video.
  • Import videos from your computer, phone, phone or digital camera. 

There is a known issue with Canon camcorders and LifeFlix. The audio will not be imported if you simply click "Import". To learn how work around this limitation please go here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 189 reviews
sandra eastwood (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Easy to use

Very easy to use, pity the trial had no sound. Maybe I made a mistake but I couldn’t make it work. Otherwise it’s great

Mocha R (Warren Township, US)
Did the job perfectly

I love finding software gems that get me out of a bind. I tried to get MiniDV video off my old Sony DCR-TRV27 to my early-2019 iMac through a series of 4-pin Firewire to Thunderbolt 3 cables and adapters. Adobe Premiere Pro CC couldn’t communicate with the camcorder, so I tried LifeFlix Free. It worked perfectly from the get-go, so I bought the paid version to crank out the rest of my tapes. Definitely recommend and would buy again.

Bruce Dunlop (Melbourne, AU)
This worked well

I turned to using this software when iMovie was not able to capture video from some old mini-dv tapes. It worked very well. The only thing iMovie does better is to use the time-date stamp data from the tape to create the file name of the clip.

In all other respects I was very pleased to have discovered this software.

Robert H. (Glenview, US)
Easy Solution for DV Dilemma

I used the free version to test the compatibility with my newer MacBook Pro. Once all cables and adapters were attached, Lifeflix did the rest. Shared and celebrated old videos that would have been stuck on DV tape. Worth the purchase price!

C D (Lansing, US)
New life to Mini DV

I had trouble with IMovie chopping up the Mini DV tapes on import. LifeFlix takes the movies in very nicely. However, I use the HD Import. The SD import comes in 640 X 480 not 720 X 480. The HD import converts the SD to 1920 X 1080 making the movies easier to edit.

Jim Lancaster (Crestview, US)
Not quite

I have not had the time yet to evaluate. My 2018 Mac mini is not seeing my Sony HC35 mini dv camcorder. I will change connection wires to eliminate that. But I’m going to need some help.

John Cowan (Lidingoe, SE)

After trying the free version with one tape; I immediately bought the full version!

Geoff Martin (Holstebro, DK)

I was hesitant about buying this software due to the price - but I have absolutely no regrets. It worked flawlessly with my Panasonic NV-GS500, which used to be supported by iMovie, but has not been for a LONG time.

David Bell (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)
Great Program

Finally Able to rescue my old mini dv tapes.
tried free version & went on to buy full version. Very Happy

jocelyn simard (Québec, CA)
N.B: you need HDV camcorder for transfert HDV cassettes

Good product and good service also