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The free trial allows you to import one tape only.

A simple Mac app to import, share, archive, and edit video footage from your old camcorders.  Support for MiniDV, HDV, Video8, Hi8 and Digital8 (D8) tape formats.

  • Convert your old video footage from standard definition (SD) to HD.  
  • Support for the Mac's "Share Menu" (share to iMessage, Mail and Photos).  
  • Automated file syncing when choosing a new folder to store your video.
  • Import videos from your computer, phone, phone or digital camera. 

There is a known issue with Canon camcorders and LifeFlix with macOS Catalina. The audio will not be imported if you simply click "Import". To learn how work around this limitation please go here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Easy way to digitize tapes

I found LifeFlix to be the easiest way to digitize my Mini DV tapes. Anyone can do this. I just start digitizing a tape and then come back to it an hour later when the tape is done. Doesn’t take a lot of my time as I can do other things while the tape is digitizing. Recommend it for anyone with old tapes they want to digitize.


Worked excellent on mini dv that couldn’t work with iMovie.

Works Great

Importing VHS tapes over Canopus ADVC 110 on M1 MBP Big Sur 11.2.1 is seamless,video divided into few clips,easy to combine them.

Great support!

Unfortunately, the program didn't work for my Septup (old Canon miniDV camcorder and MacBook Pro). LifeFlix support went out of their way to solve the problem. But in the end we didn't find a solution, so I got the money back without any problems. Thanks for the great suport!

Great program

Its a great program and it does what it say it do. Unfortunately, I cannot justify the cost of something that will be essentially a limited number of applications and not ongoing. It is far for me to suggest a pricing structure but given the changed world, perhaps making less surely is better than not making a sale. Thank you for the opportunity to trial a great program.


Digitizes very well from Canon DV camcorder. Only glitz is that is starts out by recording a one second or one frame . Then on restart it records the entire 60 min tape. Anyway around the one frame recording? It would be neat if one could see audio meters or some way to know that sound was being recorded.
Cheers Eric

LiteFlix for mac

Works mostly. Sometimes the previews are missing. Auto start of Hi or regular 8mm on my Sony digital 8 does not have audio. I must manually start so the Sony can switch modes. I wish the tapes were smart enough to recognize tapes on the same external disk from a different laptop. I guess the tapes listing is local to the computer that captured the video. In splitting captures it is sometimes hard to find split. Resume is very useful

Solved my audio sync problem!

Simple to use and solved the poor audio quality and sync issues I was having. I’m having minor issues though with lack of Tape renaming and organisation features. Changes in Finder with Catalina OS break database until undone.

Try it free? Who does that?

What more can you ask, try it for free? Since I’d been having major problems getting my mini DV tapes to download to my MacBook Air, this was just what I needed and I was sure it would do what I needed after this free program. Went on right away to purchase the full program and it was a good feeling to know I’d made the right choice! Thanks, LifeFlix.

Does the job

The best solution available. Would be even better if the „Scenes“ folders would be called something else so Plex can find the videos.