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The free trial allows you to import one tape only.

A simple Mac app to import, share, archive, and edit video footage from your old camcorders.  Support for MiniDV, HDV, Video8, Hi8 and Digital8 (D8) tape formats.

  • Convert your old video footage from standard definition (SD) to HD.  
  • Support for the Mac's "Share Menu" (share to iMessage, Mail and Photos).  
  • Automated file syncing when choosing a new folder to store your video.
  • Import videos from your computer, phone, phone or digital camera. 

There is a known issue with Canon camcorders and LifeFlix with macOS Catalina. The audio will not be imported if you simply click "Import". To learn how work around this limitation please go here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 155 reviews
Copying mini DV tapes to my Mac.

Works like a champ even though I have to use the work around due to the Canon/Mac thing. perfect! So simple to set up and use. Thanks!!

Good Option

Trialed LiteFlix with their free option to check compatibility.
My handicam was not recognised and despite good help from their support team have been unable to rectify the issue so now looking at a video capture device.
Thanks for your help.

Try for free

Was having trouble finding something to copy across my digital camera tapes tried this free version worked great so I purchased the product

Bin sehr zufrieden; funktionierte sofort

Ich habe eine alte Sony DCR-PC110E und bereits viele Versuche gestartet, über Firewire die Bänder auf mein MacBook Pro (MacOS 11.2.3) zu übertragen. Mit LifeFlix funktioniert das einwandfrei.
Das Aufsplittern in einzelne Szenen würde ich gerne abstellen können. Das ist anscheinend nicht möglich.

Very practical tool to transfer old videotapes

LifeFlix is a fine tool for one job, and it does it well. It is really easy to set up and use, and the apparent lack of options and settings does not make it less useful. There are a small number issues that prevent me from awarding it five stars:

a) On my computer (a MacMini 2012 which I like because it has a FireWire port), LifeFlix crashes relatively often. Up to now, no work was lost, thankfully
b) There is no time indicator when scrubbing imported videos. This would help a lot when assembling aborted imports
c) Although it is much better than other methods I've tried, LifeFlix is still rather keen to abort the import process when it imports a few seconds of bad video or static. The old VHS/VHC-C tapes I am transferring via a Sony Camera with analog in/DV out often contain a series of clips that weren't professionally edited. It is rather time consuming to continuously rewind and restart the import process after it was automatically aborted. I would rather that it just imported a complete tape with all its deficiencies and edit out the defective later. It would save me hours of time if LifeFlix had a "no matter what happens just import the video even if it looks really bad until I tell it to stop" mode.

Thumbs up!

I used the free version, and while the app is not perfect, it does the job quite well and is really the only option out there on the Mac side for digitizing video from a Hi-8 or DV camcorder. I was able to successfully digitize a mini-DV tape using a Canon Elura 100 camcorder, and in spite of the weird audio bug with Canons I was able to work around that and capture the audio correctly.

The best there is

It is expensive but it works. Good luck with your project

Easy to use and stable

I connected my Canon HV10 and a Sony GV-D1000 to a Mac Mini 2018. Then imported around 60 DV and HDV tapes very easily and without any issues using the Lifeflix full version (I tested the free version first just to confirm the function). The SW was certainly worth the money for us, thank you!

Excellent Software But Too Expensive

The hardware and software actually work! The audio syncs perfectly unlike many other products out there. My only issue is the price in Canadian dollars.

Works Like it says

Works ALMOST perfect. Some problems with older SONY DV recorders.