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Video Tutorials

These short video tutorials will show you how to use all the LifeFlix features

The Year of Rescuing Precious Memories

When we started LifeFlix in 2013 the original tagline was "Rescuing Precious Memories". A little bit later we added "...before it's too late!" because we thought adding some fear and urgency would help grow the business (it didn't).  After a while we began to notice a trend. Our top sales days were always...

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Video Home System also known as VHS

Recently I mentioned we originally developed LifeFlix in 2012 because of old MiniDV tapes in a shoebox. I then described how we realized that just as many, if not more people, are using LifeFlix to capture old 8mm video formats like Video8, Hi8 and Digital8. I started thinking about Video Home...

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LifeFlix & the 8mm format (Video8, Hi8 & Digital8)

We originally developed LifeFlix in 2012 because we had about 100 old MiniDV tapes in a shoebox. Even though I've spent 25 years in the video technology industry it was still difficult to import these old tapes easily. I tried iMovie but it was cumbersome and frequently didn't work at all. ...

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