LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0

LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0

$ 99.99



•支持Mac的 “共享菜单”(共享到iMessage,邮件和照片)*。

以前的LifeFlix版本的所有者只需19美元即可升级到LifeFlix 3.0。

LifeFlix立即作为软件下载提供。 100%退款保证。如果不满意,我们将退还您的钱。

*不幸的是,Mojave停止了Share Menu对第三方社交媒体服务的支持,例如Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Vimeo等。

Customer Reviews

Based on 517 reviews
saad saleem (Boxborough, US)
Best app for converting home videos

I really like the convenience this app offers in converting my home videos. The following options make this app very useful:
1- It allows me to specify the directory location to save all my videos. I chose to save them in iCloud where I can share them with my family very easily. iMovie stores all its videos in some internal database so it is a two step process to first save videos to this internal database and then choose which clips to save in a different location
2- it automatically breaks the video into clips based on when the video recording was started and stopped. iMovie also does this so no difference here but other apps just save the video in one clip
3- you can easily merge, split and trim video clips. This is a great advantage as I can merge the individual clips into sequences that belong together. iMovie can also do this but I find the navigation on this app more convenient and straight forward
4- it automatically rewinds the tape to start saving from the beginning

I would have given this app 5 stars if it also had the following minor improvements:
1- the app navigation pane is a little slow to respond to selection and moves.
2- moving clips from one video to another seem to only happen one by one. I cannot select a set of clips and move them all at once to another tape.
3- merging, trimming or splitting clips can only be done one at a time. If I try a few of them then the app gets confused.

Overall, I really like the ease with which you can convert your home videos without requiring too many steps as iMovie or other apps.

Sherwin Kouchekian (Brandon, US)
Some Issues

A useful and truthful product to its promise. Nevertheless, there are few issues some of which could be easily fixed, while others need a bit of reconstructive approach.
1. It is advisable like any read/write program to put, “Are you sure you want to delete the selected file?”, as a safeguard.
2. The program does not automatically rewind the tape and start recording despite the fact that these options have been chosen. This could be entirely on my part because of the used camcorder.
3. I do not wish to get into details, but making the sound available while recording should not be unreasonably costly even some reasonable efforts need to be made. This will improve the reputation considerably.
4. It should be possible to enlarge the screen, not the whole program but only the video display screen, to fit the entire computer screen. There is such symbol at the left end corner, but it does not work at all. I use McBook Pro 2020 (M1 chip).

I still think your product has saved me so much valuable time in transferring my my minidisc tapes to mp4 format
Best wishes
Sherwin K

Jim Benner (Vallejo, US)
Best app to transfer video tape from camera to video file.

Great customer service. Helped me find the correct cables to connect my Sony Camcorder to my Mac.
I wish it was easier to use the operator interface to save tape segments and to to remove bad sections from the tape.

Maciek Kozlowski (Ottawa, CA)
Great product

Well thought out and solves a problem

Sergej Osadchuk (Tromsø, NO)
Convenient app

Easy to work with, does what it suppose to do. Interface could give a bit more information about details aroung capturing and saving files.

Roland Johansson (Osterhaninge, SE)
Easy to use

No problems at all when transferring files from sony dcr-trv27 to Imac.

Harry Pinchin (Sherwood Park, CA)

Works well … just as advertised.

Michael A Field (Santa Rita, GU)
great product!

This product worked exactly as advertised.I had been reluctant to buy it because I thought that it just could'nt be that easy to use....the truth is it could'nt have been any easier.this product is the real deal....does just what it promises to!

Henk Smit (Badhoevedorp, NL)

This program works great. i have all my mini dv on my mac in no time.
Now continue with the hi 8 tapes.

Bish Dar (Kingston, CA)

This has been the only software that will keep my audio in sync with video from older DV tapes. iMovie doesn't do it...Final Cut doesn't do it. LifeFlix has helped me with all my old DV tapes. My only wish is that they update it to allow for a continuous transfer, ignoring stops or breaks in video footage. I need to monitor the playback, or go back afterward to where LifeFlix stopped to make another scene. If it could work as it does now but then continue past breaks, this would be a 100% product. However, that is a small wish and right now this is a 99% product. SO GLAD I found this.