LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0

LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0

$ 99.99



•支持Mac的 “共享菜单”(共享到iMessage,邮件和照片)*。

以前的LifeFlix版本的所有者只需19美元即可升级到LifeFlix 3.0。

LifeFlix立即作为软件下载提供。 100%退款保证。如果不满意,我们将退还您的钱。

*不幸的是,Mojave停止了Share Menu对第三方社交媒体服务的支持,例如Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Vimeo等。

Customer Reviews

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Harry Pinchin (Sherwood Park, CA)

Works well … just as advertised.

Michael A Field (Santa Rita, GU)
great product!

This product worked exactly as advertised.I had been reluctant to buy it because I thought that it just could'nt be that easy to use....the truth is it could'nt have been any easier.this product is the real deal....does just what it promises to!

Henk Smit (Badhoevedorp, NL)

This program works great. i have all my mini dv on my mac in no time.
Now continue with the hi 8 tapes.

Bish Dar (Kingston, CA)

This has been the only software that will keep my audio in sync with video from older DV tapes. iMovie doesn't do it...Final Cut doesn't do it. LifeFlix has helped me with all my old DV tapes. My only wish is that they update it to allow for a continuous transfer, ignoring stops or breaks in video footage. I need to monitor the playback, or go back afterward to where LifeFlix stopped to make another scene. If it could work as it does now but then continue past breaks, this would be a 100% product. However, that is a small wish and right now this is a 99% product. SO GLAD I found this.

Alberto Esposita (Omaha, US)
Yall foreal the GOATS, IT WORKS LIKE A 9 to 5

Maaan im not familiar with all this nerd tech stuff but im learning so I guess im a nerd now but either way I was tryna import stuff to iMovie and premiere but it was very annoying and I was all like im tryna just find a program that can do this for me so I looked it up and tried the free version and it worked so I was like word this is easy and fire ima buy this but then I used the free version so I had to pay more but I was like "uhhhh maneee... whatever, money comes and goes" which is something I say anytime im about to buy something and then I bought it and it works like a charm so here we are. fire.

Ari Belle (Phoenix, US)

I literally went out yesterday to Best Buy to buy a new MacBook for the thunderbolt port to upload all my mini DV’s after weeks of purchasing different wires and fire ports and software and boxes and hubs and everything else with no luck. With the new MacBook, I finally can get my videos playing on the computer and every blog and YouTuber recommends this product for uploading the mini DV’s on rather than using using iVideo. I downloaded the sample version to make sure it was of good quality, since I’ve now bough 4 different physical attachments to transfer the videos that had horrible quality. I reached out to the company because I wasn’t able to make the software work. It was saying “importing memories” but it was a black screen. Within 2 minutes, they had reached back out to me on Saturday evening of Labor Day weekend with a fix. I am now sitting in front of my computer, watching 1 of 50+ videos over a 20 year period upload to my computer. I haven’t seen these videos since we lived them. This is a present for my parents 45th wedding anniversary in 21 days and I have been saved by this. This is for sure going on my must buy list for MY YOUTUBE CONVERTING VIDEOS TO DIGITAL JOURNEY. Thank you, thank you thank you!!

Marcel Bakker (Zoetermeer, NL)
Got rid of iMovie !

Finally found this quick and easy software to import my old Mini DV tapes. The task of digitizing all my old tapes has been haunting me for years. Tinkering with different cables, software and humungous video files. Of course you can outtask the job but i was not comfortable to give private material out of hands, besides the costs. LifeFlix works like a breeze and (in my case) uses 2GB of disk space for an hour of imported video. Cleared the task in a few days on my MacBook pro with an external HDD (to which you can import your material directly). One of the best (modest) investments i ever made !

MacBook Pro 2015
Firewire 4 pin to 9 pin cable
Firewire to Thunderbolt cable

Brian G (Lake Orion, US)
Worked Very Well

LifeFlix enabled me to copy old MiniDV tapes and store them as files on my computer. It was easy to use and worked flawlessly. The quality of the recordings was excellent.

Ralph P. (Flower Mound, US)
Works well, helps my workflow

I had used FCP in the past for capture from 8mm tapes, but it was very temperamental and anytime there was a break in the timecode it would just stop. LifeFlix seems to take most timecode breaks in stride and just makes a new clip. Then they can easily be reconnected as desired. A few known glitches with Canon camcorders, but I can work around those. Well worth the purchase as I have >100 tapes to import.

D. McL (Chicago, US)
HD DV transfer to Mac via FireWire 800

Works really well. Automatically splits each clip into separate HD videos on Mac. Which I can then do with as I please. Just push import button on app at the start of your rewinded tape. There are some options but I leave all unchecked. You can investigate to see what works best with the options. After pushing import it will index all the clips and keep everything in a folder on the computer. I made a shortcut to this folder. I drag clips into after effects and premiere pro from there.