LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0
LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0

LifeFlix Importer and Editor 3.0

$ 99.99



•支持Mac的 “共享菜单”(共享到iMessage,邮件和照片)*。

以前的LifeFlix版本的所有者只需19美元即可升级到LifeFlix 3.0。

LifeFlix立即作为软件下载提供。 100%退款保证。如果不满意,我们将退还您的钱。

*不幸的是,Mojave停止了Share Menu对第三方社交媒体服务的支持,例如Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Vimeo等。

Customer Reviews

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Easy to Use

Very easy to do tape imports and basic edits and clip organization. Especially appreciate the option to compress on import.

LOVE IT, but the "Split" function disappointing

I absolutely love this program. To be able to import and digitize my 8mm cassettes, and have it separate out the scenes so I can trim and go from 2 hours to 10 minutes is amazing!! However, sometimes, it does import the whole video in one file, and I need to use "Split" function in the scene(s). Wherever I put the cursor to split, it always does the cut way before the place I indicated, which is extremely problematic, because it has to prepare the leftover video each time, and because it's a large file, it's takes time - not to mention, I never get the right cut. I've looked in the Help section (much to be added to the help questions) but nothing on "split." If you could improve this feature - that would be so helpful. Also, once I rename the files on my hard drive, I can't pull them up in LifeFlix (can't find them), and when I try to reimport them from the files, it doesn't work for some strange reason. So, the program is perfect for importing, separating out the scenes, trimming and combining the scenes, and that's it. From there, I go to my hard drive, rename the files, and upload them to dropbox.

Very good, with room to improve on EXIF dates and decomb quality

LifeFlix is absolutely marvellous in terms of making importing DV tapes easy and hassle free. It's especially worthwhile because it preserves the original shooting date from the tape. However, it appears LifeFlix only set the shooting date in the file creation date metadata; not in the EXIF metadata. That results in Apple Photos not recognising the shooting dates, and attaching the import date to the moving, effectively loosing the shooting date.
Fortunately there are some automating option to files EXIF dates with files date (I used GraphicConverter for that).
Also the resulting video quality could be improved by being a little more aggressive on decombing an deinterlacing de original DV-files while importing. LifeFlix does already a pretty good job, but with Handbrake you can get better results. Maybe adding some extra options to be able to manipulate deinterlacing and decombing?
And last but not least, adding H265 import would be al real benefit, making LifeFlix more future proof.

Worked great!

This software worked great to transfer my old DVs. I highly recommend.

Excellent with Caveats

In my video tape archiving experience, LifeFlix has been the best, most reliable and easiest-to-use software solution. However, likely because of the wide variety of tape formats (Video8, Hi8, MiniDV, etc.) and playback devices used for recording, it hasn't batted 1000. More like 900. For me, the exceptions mostly have been Hi8 and miniHD tapes. Even the software author has suggested there is some sort of issue that occasionally prevents LIfeFlix from "seeing" and thus copying a some tapes to a computer. Honestly, over the years I've used a fair number of Sony and Canon camcorders and tape varieties and no idea which surviving tapes were used with which machine. Consequently, some of my archiving has been challenging. At the end of the day, though, I have only a handful (out of hundreds) that I can't seem to copy. Either they won't "play" in any of my old decks or cameras (not the fault of LifeFlix) or LifeFlix just can't "see" and record several that do play. No biggie. The app easily has accommodated the vast majority and convinced me that LifeFlix is a terrific piece of software.


Easy, effective and a pleasure to use.

Does what it says it will!

After fighting with an old camera that would not allow me to easily transfer tapes to my MacBook Air, I found this software. I thought it was a bit pricey but I wanted my tapes to be shareable because they had video of my granddaughters Dad who had been killed in Iraq when they were 6 and 2, so these tapes were priceless to me, and to them. Thanks so much for the software, which works very well, though I do have some problems with the firewire to thunderbolt connection, but that isn't the softwares fault.


Digital release, thank you. Please disregard previous one star review.

A great program for transfering your DV tapes to digital

This program worked quite well for me. Out of my 80 Digital-8 and 8mm tapes, I only have to re-digitize 2 of them.

Excellent Program!

Excellent program for transferring video tape to digital files! Glad I found this program. Highly recommend this program!