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LifeFlix v4

LifeFlix v4

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  • Import legacy tape-based formats such as VHS, MiniDV, HDV, Video8, Hi8 & Digital8.
  • Import modern file-based formats created on iPhones, Androids, tablets and digital cameras (eg. .MOV, .MP4, etc.).


  • Upscale and future-proof your old standard definition video to HD (high definition) or 4K while preserving image quality, texture and detail.
  • Use Video Adjustments to enhance color, exposure, sharpness, highlights & shadows and the vibrance of your video.
  • Convert MOV video files to MP4 and vice-versa.


  • LifeFlix has easy to use editing features to get rid of unwanted footage. Quickly trim your footage down to the highlights of memorable moments.

Sharing & Archiving

  • Share videos with iMessage, AirDrop and Photos.
  • Archive video by sharing to Dropbox, Photos or export directly from LifeFlix to your cloud storage service of choice (eg. Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.)

Requires macOS Monterey 12 or above. LifeFlix v3.6 is also provided free of charge for customers using older version of macOS. Natively supported on M1 and M2 Macs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 556 reviews
Vivian Lipman Denis (New York, US)
Didn’t work…

I wasn’t able to use it. ☹️ I had bought elgato video capture because it was the simplest and cheapest way to connect my video camera to my Mac laptop. I have the newest laptop. I was going to use your software because it’s easier to list my clips (el gato’s software is not as intuitive) but as per your customer service lifeflix doesn’t recognize the el gato. And I would have to spend more $$ to get the wires I need to hook up my camcorders to the Mac. Also, one of the wires recommended and needed for the transfer is no longer available and costly to purchase because of this. So I wasted my money on the purchase of your software. I hope you can figure how to work with video capture devices in the future.

Total restoration

I have been using LifeFlix for a couple of weeks now and can say that it has been wonderful. I have been able to move each MINIDV tape to my computer and edited them to a nice little film that I will eventually move to a computer card. Really a simple way to get all those videos saved.

Ulf Lundin (Montpellier, FR)
Big problems

I can't get it to work on my iMac 12.2 despite what the support has told me and now I cannot find anyone at support to help me

Michael, Sydney Australia (Sydney, AU)
Works well with a few odd habits

Compared to all the other packages I've tried (iMovie, Premier Elements, Premier Pro) where digitising is painfully slow and complicated to initiate, LifeFlix has a really simple interface and just gets the job done. It's a real gem in this respect and I like the clear instruction to just "compress all downloads".
I had to go back to v. 3.6 because although 4.1.8 has a cleaner interface, the simple Combine button has gone or has been moved or renamed. File management is a bit of a headache in 3.6 and guidance as to what works best (e.g. saving to the computer HD or to an attached external drive) is absent. It is easy enough to switch video file location but the message "All existing tapes and media will be moved to the new location" may not necessarily suit the user who just wants the next few tapes go into folder somewhere else. If there is a reason for this an explanation would help.
Professionals are unlikely to use LF so reasons for why it does what it does need to be simply explained. I agree that file names should contain the name of the tape unless they prove to be too long.
Lastly a simple manual that is quick to read and explains buttons and menu items is essential for grownups. Frequently asked questions are of limited use.
All that said Ill just persevere with LF having just digitised about 40 x 42 minute Mini DV tapes over a just a few days with very little fuss.

Michael Wein (Puettlingen, DE)
Basically works, but could be much better

Basically allows me to capture my MiniDV tapes. However, it’s not clear why it stops half way: captures scenes get a UUID as file name, so the scenes are scrambled in the file system — why aren’t they just numbered ascending? Speaking of file names: why isn’t the the name of the tape enclosed in the file name? What is the tape name good for? LifeFlix usually detects scenes and end of tape markers but I didn’t manage to capture timecode information.

Veikko Saarinen (Helsingborg, SE)

Accurate, recognizes my machinery!

Hector Campbell (Truro, CA)

Well worth money as it works with older FireWire cameras!

C. (Batley, GB)
Easiest way to get your DV footage!

After trialing out several different methods, cables & hours of youtube videos trying to get my VHS footage I came across lifeflix and it's made the process completely streamlined and stress free.

Ryan (Redondo Beach, US)
Fantastic way to archive

Archived 48+ hours of skydiving footage from minidv tapes and all went smoothly. Software did a good job at scene detection.

ahmed motasem (New York, US)
Good Product

Does what it says it does.