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LifeFlix v4

LifeFlix v4

Import video from a variety of sources, old & new. Digital and analog tape formats such as VHS, MiniDV, HDV, Video8, Hi8 and Digital8. File-based formats (mp4, mov) from hard drives, smart phones and digital cameras. Import web video from Facebook and YouTube.

Share with friends, family & colleagues.
Share your video with iMessage, Mail, Airdrop, Photos and Notes. Save to Photos and add to Shared Albums.

Convert to HD.
Upscale and enhance your videos while preserving image quality, texture and detail. Future-proof your old Standard Definition videos by upscaling them to High Definition (HD). Supports scaling up to 720p and 1080p.

Edit, trim & retain only the important footage.
Quickly trim your footage down to the highlights of memorable moments.

Requires macOS Big Sur 11 or above. LifeFlix v3.6 is also provided free of charge for customers using older version of macOS.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 551 reviews
Veikko Saarinen (Helsingborg, SE)

Accurate, recognizes my machinery!

Hector Campbell (Truro, CA)

Well worth money as it works with older FireWire cameras!

B.P. (Batley, GB)
Easiest way to get your DV footage!

After trialing out several different methods, cables & hours of youtube videos trying to get my VHS footage I came across lifeflix and it's made the process completely streamlined and stress free.

Ryan (Redondo Beach, US)
Fantastic way to archive

Archived 48+ hours of skydiving footage from minidv tapes and all went smoothly. Software did a good job at scene detection.

ahmed motasem (New York, US)
Good Product

Does what it says it does.

Andrew K. (Englishtown, US)
Old Tapes, No problem!

Added all my mini cassette DV tapes to the app back in 2017, updated my Mac to the latest Ventura 13.1, developer sent me the latest version, was able to re-import from the old files, works great!

Nick R. (Teaneck, US)
Works Perfectly

Bit on the expensive side but if you have a ton of old tapes then it’s well worth the money. Does the job perfectly.

Tenzin Wangchuk (Mumbai, IN)

I am using this LifeFlix DV importer for the last two weeks and I am completely satisfied with this software. I used to import using FCP X but the drop frames and combining them manually and finally exporting the file is a lengthy process and it gets tiring when you have heavy files to import. With lifeflix, my life has got a lot easier. I like the intelligence of the software in terms of its ability to combine files in sequence, resume the importing in case of a halt and of course, the multiple usage for lifetime. All in all, a very good software and I definitely recommend buying this to anyone looking for digitisation solution.

joni (Cleveland, US)
Customer service

Reached out to customer service and, within minutes, I received a response and solution. Rep even followed up afterward.

Bar none, the best customer service I've experienced in years. Thank you!

leandro (Pontedera, IT)
May be could be an answer to Michael Weslotsky Jr

I have read your review and I think it is not entirely correct. It is true that if one has "stopped & started recording numerous times as I did, LifeFlix creates new“ scenes ”meaning it will not be one continuous file / clip but numerous clips." But you don't need to use Final Cut Pro or IMovie. Lifeflix already has the right tool to solve the problem both in the first import phase and also later. Just highlight all imported scenes and then hit the "combine" button. One will get one file only in one scene. What is certain is that if during the recording with the camera you used the "fade in & fade out" these parts will continue to exist. One can also do one more thing. You can keep the original import and then create "one new tape" then with the "Import Movies Files ...." button select all the scenes of the original import from the LifeFlix folder. Once imported, select them all again and press the "combine" button and we will have a single scene. Once this is done we can then also transform this single scene in HD, if the originals had not already been transformed. Advantage of all this? The advantage is that we will have the original import with all the scenes and that will allow us to do all the subsequent edits that one wants and, at the same time, have another "tape" with a single scene that will flow smoothly and without interruptions. That's what I'm doing. Only warning: when one has imported all the scenes (if they are really many) he must not transform them in HD before having transformed them into a single scene with "combine" because in doing so the program stopped me and canceled the import.