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LifeFlix Free
Roman Wright (Bremerton, US)
A work in progress

I have not had the opportunity to use it yet. I am waiting for component parts of my system to arrive. But I keep reading good things about the editor. Thank you for the trial. I hope it stays available until I have a chance to try it out.
Thank you

LifeFlix DV Importer
Nick R. (Teaneck, US)
Works Perfectly

Bit on the expensive side but if you have a ton of old tapes then it’s well worth the money. Does the job perfectly.

LifeFlix Free
Werner He (San Lorenzo, US)

Great software, really nice to be able to import my mini DV tape and edit the video.

LifeFlix Free
Nick Rafter (Teaneck, US)

If you want to capture MiniDV this is the tool. Simple but it works.

LifeFlix Free
Peter H. (Munich, DE)
Works fine

Perfect copies from old dv tapes

LifeFlix DV Importer
Tenzin Wangchuk (Mumbai, IN)

I am using this LifeFlix DV importer for the last two weeks and I am completely satisfied with this software. I used to import using FCP X but the drop frames and combining them manually and finally exporting the file is a lengthy process and it gets tiring when you have heavy files to import. With lifeflix, my life has got a lot easier. I like the intelligence of the software in terms of its ability to combine files in sequence, resume the importing in case of a halt and of course, the multiple usage for lifetime. All in all, a very good software and I definitely recommend buying this to anyone looking for digitisation solution.

LifeFlix Free
Cecile (Seattle, US)
Great tool!

I just completed uploading 15+ year old miniDV tapes to my computer using LifeFlix. Super easy way to capture and preserve memories.

LifeFlix DV Importer
joni (Cleveland, US)
Customer service

Reached out to customer service and, within minutes, I received a response and solution. Rep even followed up afterward.

Bar none, the best customer service I've experienced in years. Thank you!

LifeFlix Free
Yves Malouin (Québec, CA)
I fell off my chair - Boom!

Unbelievable ! Finally a software that works. I tried with iMovie and with Filmora; no success. I have been looking for so long, for such a tool that would allow me to transfer on my iMac, all these souvenirs from my family. All done.
My Specs: iMac Late 2013 (macOS Catalina 10.15.7).
Big thanks to "Love What You Do" YouTube Channel.
His video brought me to try LiteFlix for free and then purchase it:

LifeFlix Free
Anna Nicolin (Düsseldorf, DE)

It worked :)

LifeFlix Free
Anonymous (Uckfield, GB)
Owner of Canon XM2 Camcorder

As forewarned, it doesn’t capture the audio on my Canon camcorder, but it is worth the money since it captures the video very well. I capture the audio separately by running an Audio/PC capture lead from the camcorder’s headphone socket to a USB socket on the Mac using Audacity and exporting to WAV. Then the challenge is to synchronise audio and video after importing the WAV and MOV files into iMovie. I share the iMovie content to a MP4 file.

LifeFlix Free
Brian Lawler (Nipomo, US)
This product works for me!

I needed to convert some Sony DVCAM video tapes to digital format, and I was led to LifeFlix by a link in the Adobe Premiere help documentation. I was unsuccessful using Premiere to do this (because there is no longer support for these machines in QuickTime).

I downloaded the free version, hooked up my Sony deck, and was immediately successful in transferring my work to the computer.

I licensed the full version and had the conversions made within hours.

This is exactly what I needed to complete my project, and I am grateful to LifeFlix for making the process so successful.

LifeFlix DV Importer
leandro (Pontedera, IT)
May be could be an answer to Michael Weslotsky Jr

I have read your review and I think it is not entirely correct. It is true that if one has "stopped & started recording numerous times as I did, LifeFlix creates new“ scenes ”meaning it will not be one continuous file / clip but numerous clips." But you don't need to use Final Cut Pro or IMovie. Lifeflix already has the right tool to solve the problem both in the first import phase and also later. Just highlight all imported scenes and then hit the "combine" button. One will get one file only in one scene. What is certain is that if during the recording with the camera you used the "fade in & fade out" these parts will continue to exist. One can also do one more thing. You can keep the original import and then create "one new tape" then with the "Import Movies Files ...." button select all the scenes of the original import from the LifeFlix folder. Once imported, select them all again and press the "combine" button and we will have a single scene. Once this is done we can then also transform this single scene in HD, if the originals had not already been transformed. Advantage of all this? The advantage is that we will have the original import with all the scenes and that will allow us to do all the subsequent edits that one wants and, at the same time, have another "tape" with a single scene that will flow smoothly and without interruptions. That's what I'm doing. Only warning: when one has imported all the scenes (if they are really many) he must not transform them in HD before having transformed them into a single scene with "combine" because in doing so the program stopped me and canceled the import.

LifeFlix DV Importer
Michael Weslotsky Jr (Chicago, US)
Easy Import but…..

LifeFlix DV Importer is straight forward. It recognized my camera no problem. Converting footage to HD does make your footage look better, but keep in mind, the resolution of footage shot years ago is less than what it is now, that being said, for the most part you will be happy with the result. One big note. On your Hi 8, Digital 8 footage if you stopped & started recording numerous times as I did, LifeFlix creates new “scenes” meaning it will not be one continuous file/clip but numerous clips. To attach all your clips together you will need Final Cut Pro or iMovie for Mac. Overall I am happy with how my footage looks, I just have tons of individual “clips” for each hour long tape I downloaded.

LifeFlix Free
Henrik Wilken (Gentofte Municipality, DK)
Very good

It basically does one thing and it does it very well. The option to save as many or /and one large file is very nice.

LifeFlix Free
Andrew Kelly (Athlone, IE)

I use it to transfer old mini Dv tapes and it works very well.

LifeFlix Free
David Burress (Burlington, US)

Have not used it yet

LifeFlix DV Importer
Keith Vernon

This app fulfilled all expectations after a number of compatibility with Apple IOS Moterey problems were solved.
I have now imported 20 digital DV tapes onto my iMac.

LifeFlix Free
Hoag Levins (Collingswood, US)
Works great now that the Mac issues were figured out

Now that it works, LifeFlix has been a great asset to me in the quick and efficient conversion of miniDV tapes. It WAS initially a hassle getting it to work with a Mac laptop because of issues related to subtle problems with the adapters on the Firewire 800 connection cable. And then there was an incompatibility with a couple version of the Mac OS. BUT, once those were worked out, the software simply works brilliantly in turning video on miniDV tape cassettes into .mp4 files.

LifeFlix Free
oalessa (Riyadh, SA)
Easy to use

I wish they add more setting to customize frame rates, format, resolution, video bitrate … etc

LifeFlix DV Importer
D.L. (Philadelphia, US)
New update fixed problems

I couldn't get LifeFlix to recognize my Canon Vixia HV30 camera on a MacBook Pro running Monterey OS. Today (08.31.2022) I downloaded the new free version of LifeFlix and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the fix.

LifeFlix DV Importer
Dennis Murphy (Round Rock, US)
Works as advertized!

I am very happy with this app. It makes importing miniDV files a breeze. The interface is also intuitive, the tools easy to utilize. Easily the best $100 I've ever spent on a video app.

LifeFlix Free
Michael Weslotsky Jr (Chicago, US)
Easy Peasy, converts to HD no problem

The interface isn’t too bad and it recognized my camera right away. I compared footage imported into LifeFlix that I converted to HD against footage imported into Final Cut and the converted footage from Standard to HD does look a bit better. So it does make standard footage look a bit better in HD. Remember, video shot back in the day was only 640 by 480, LifeFlix will only do so much. Still, I am happy with the results.

LifeFlix Free
Gerard Stevens (Sydney, AU)
Canon issues

To clarify I have subscribed to the full LifeFlix suite not the free. I have used LifeFlix to copy MiniDV tapes. It’s terrific. However In one of your messages you identified an issue with Canon. I have followed your instructions and started to Play the DV tape then record via LifeFlix. Sometimes the audio is recorded sometimes not. It’s quite frustrating to have to wait for a full recording to find the audio don’t record. Can you advise why to do? Regards Gerard

LifeFlix Free
Holly Strahan (Fairfax, US)
Very good!

I was able to finally synchronize a person singing with their mouth movements. This did not work on another system I tried. Thank you LifeFlix!