What's new in LifeFlix v4.1.7?

What's new in LifeFlix v4.1.7?

We've updated LifeFlix! See what's new with v4.1.7 (these are available free of charge with your subscription). 
  • Convert video to MP4 format. LifeFlix imports video using QuickTime which is a MOV format. Previously if you wanted to convert MOV to MP4 you'd have to export your video to iMovie for the conversion. Now you can easily do this in LifeFlix.
  • Import from mobile devices. You can now import from iPhones, iPads, Android devices, DSLR cameras and other mobile devices.
    • Import audio uncompressed in PCM format. Previously audio was being compressed to AAC. Now audio is being imported as uncompressed PCM, 48Khz, 2 channel, 16-bit audio.
    • The ability to export in the original format.

    • Export multiple scenes simultaneously.

    • Export entire tape.

    • Show alert when a camera is detected.

    • Rename scenes during export.