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Video Tutorials

These short video tutorials will show you how to use all the LifeFlix features

Video Home System also known as VHS

Recently I mentioned we originally developed LifeFlix in 2012 because of old MiniDV tapes in a shoebox. I then described how we realized that just as many, if not more people, are using LifeFlix to capture old 8mm video formats like Video8, Hi8 and Digital8. I started thinking about Video Home...

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LifeFlix & the 8mm format (Video8, Hi8 & Digital8)

We originally developed LifeFlix in 2012 because we had about 100 old MiniDV tapes in a shoebox. Even though I've spent 25 years in the video technology industry it was still difficult to import these old tapes easily. I tried iMovie but it was cumbersome and frequently didn't work at all. ...

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Import video from your hard drive into LifeFlix

The truth is we've been sitting on this feature for a few weeks now.  We're working hard on Catalina support and the idea of introducing a new feature before we completed that work made us pause.  I was worried our customers would definitely NOT find that amusing and prefer we focus! ...

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