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These short video tutorials will show you how to use all the LifeFlix features

Import video from your hard drive into LifeFlix

The truth is we've been sitting on this feature for a few weeks now.  We're working hard on Catalina support and the idea of introducing a new feature before we completed that work made us pause.  I was worried our customers would definitely NOT find that amusing and prefer we focus! ...

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Top 4 solutions for rescuing old 8mm tapes

Since the earliest moving picture created by Eadward Muybridge in 1878, film technology has been rapidly evolved, leaving piles of outdated technology in its wake. From the Kinetoscope to the two-reel projector to the Super 8 to the iPhone, the tools keep changing but the images are everlasting. Here’s a...

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Top 3 Mac Apps for Editing Home Movies Rescued by LifeFlix

Everyone is a video editor these days (or at least wants to be). When you’re deftly combining media from iPhones, camcorders, SLRs, and other photo libraries, you want the ease of instant editing – click and drag commands to create home movies worthy of Oscar nominations. This article reviews the...

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