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On this page you'll find instructions to do the following with LifeFlix:


Trimming Imported Video 

  • Click on the scene you want to edit.
  • In the Edit window, this scene will appear. Click the Play button in the play bar to preview this scene and determine which parts of the video footage you'd like to trim. You can also use the playhead (the inverted triangle-shaped icon) in the play bar to quickly preview ("scrub") your video backwards and forwards.

  • When you've decided which portion of your video to keep, set your "In" and "Out" points. These two points are in the play bar and look sort of like pentagons. Their default setting is at the beginning and end of the play bar (which is also the beginning and end of the video in your scene). When you grab the "In" point with your mouse, you will see some hover text that says "Set Begin." The same thing will happen when you grab the "Out" point with your mouse (the hover text will say "Set End").

  • Your uploaded Scene(s) will go into your Video album in Facebook. To access this album, first go to Photos, then Albums, and then Videos.

  • Your uploaded Scene(s) will also be posted to your Facebook Timeline. The Scene(s) will be posted on your Timeline according to the date. For example, if the video was taken in 2005, just click on that date in your timeline and you'll see your video.




    Saving to iPhoto


    When you click on the camera icon your selected Scene(s) will begin to export automatically to iPhoto. The iPhoto software application will launch (if not open already) and come to the forefront of your screen. You will see a progress bar with the words "Import - Preparing to import" above it.


    Once your Scene(s) are imported into iPhoto, they will become an Event titled "Untitled Event" or under Photos also titled "Untitled Event." They will also be accessible in the left side menu column by clicking "Last Import."

    Once you are done saving your Scene(s) to iPhoto you'll then see a camera icon in the upper right side of your Scene. This camera icon means that your Scene has been uploaded saved to iPhoto. The image below shows this, as well as the Scene having been uploaded to Facebook, YouTube, and Picasa.


    Save to External Hard Drive

    By default, LifeFlix saves all video files to your computer's hard drive, or specifically in your Username/Movies/LifeFlix folder. If you'd prefer to save to an external hard drive, or change the computer destination folder, use the option called "Change Video Folder" under the LifeFlix menu.
    Then click "Choose."
    After changing the file destination, click the blue Import button and see the memories pour in!