Import video from your hard drive into LifeFlix

Import video from your hard drive into LifeFlix

The truth is we've been sitting on this feature for a few weeks now.  We're working hard on Catalina support and the idea of introducing a new feature before we completed that work made us pause.  I was worried our customers would definitely NOT find that amusing and prefer we focus!  Well, I finally decided not hold it back in case it is useful.  I swear it took no time away from our Catalina work!

We've heard from customers that they'd like to import into LifeFlix, video from sources outside of LifeFlix, and not just what they had captured in the application.  It makes perfect sense, why have multiple videos organized for viewing in different applications?  We were worried about how to display the movies and metadata properly and how to allow users to organize them in a way that made sense.  Our new feature in version 2.5 took steps to solve that, allowing custom tapes to be created, named, and scenes copied into the new tape.  We then did our best with detecting creation dates, duration and that kind of thing.

New in version 3.1.9 as a free update for all 3.0 users is this import feature.  Select a tape, go to the File menu, select Import Movie Files, select the files, and wa-lah!  They are now in LifeFlix and part of your collection.  File types supported are "mov", "mp4", and "M4V.  Please do give us feedback and let us know what you think.

Please check out this short tutorial on how the new feature is used.  Enjoy! 

Macbook Pro Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash