8 Common Video Capturing Problems LifeFlix Solves

8 Common Video Capturing Problems LifeFlix Solves

Since launching in 2013, LifeFlix has helped 1,000's of people capture 1,000,000's lost video memories stuck on old tapes.   If you are 1 of the 100 million people that used a DV, HDV or Digital 8 camera and have a shoebox full of tapes, it's time to capture those memories.

The founders of LifeFlix have been developing professional video applications for more than 15 years.  When they attempted to capture their own tapes, they realized that existing applications were not designed to batch capture, watch and share tapes, it was a terrible experience.  LifeFlix was invented to solve the major issues and make the process easy and fun.

Capturing all my tapes is never easy.

Yes, you can spend hours capturing the hundreds of tapes you have lying around, but LifeFlix offers several features to make batch capturing faster and easier. You do not have to capture the entire tape, we let you import only what you want to see and edit. It automatically recognizes attached cameras, then auto-rewinds the tape and even knows when your tape is done and stops capturing.

Managing all my video files is challenging

In general, file management is difficult but keeping hundreds of video files in a folder on your computer and double clicking each one isn’t the best experience. LifeFlix solves this issue by automatically creating a visual catalog of videos making it easy to play each video, trim them, and only watch and share your favorites.

I get intimidated using iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and other video editing software

These applications are amazing, but they’re designed to edit videos or make movies, not capture dozens of tapes. They have 100’s of features you probably won’t ever use that clutter the experience. LifeFlix focuses solely on the import or capture of tapes, and basic editing features for quick memory movie making. But many customers use LifeFlix as a capture tool, then if they’re familiar with iMovie or FCP, they move the movies there and make a more sophisticated movie with titles, music and other fancy features.

Using a mail-in service can be expensive

If you have a lot of tapes, then yeah, this can get expensive. Most places charge between $8-19 per tape. LifeFlix solves this issue by selling an application that only charges you a one-time fee to import all the tapes you want.

I’m nervous about mailing in my tapes

Memories are meant to last forever and the last thing you want is for your tapes to get lost or destroyed. LifeFlix solves this concern by giving you an all-in-one video recovery application you can use on your personal computer - your tapes will never have to leave your possession.

My computer doesn’t have the space to save all my taped videos

This is a real issue because 10 tapes can take up to 100 GB of space, depending on your compression choices. LifeFlix solves this issue by easily letting you edit down your videos and choosing either to save to your computer hard drive or an external hard drive to save imported videos.

I never have the motivation to capture all my tapes

Our software is amazing but won’t help your procrastination in general :wink: Our philosophy is if the software is complicated, then you won’t use it. That’s why we made LifeFlix for a hassle-free video capturing experience, with no learning curve. We promise your old memories will be remembered in no time!

I've tried iMovie and it doesn't work with my camera

We've had many customers report that LifeFlix works where iMovie failed. In our lab, we've tested LifeFlix on all types of cameras and engineered our way to working with almost all of them!