How to Clean Your DV camera heads?

How to Clean Your DV camera heads?

What is a mini DV Head Cleaner and why should I use it?

A Mini DV Head Cleaner is DV tape designed to clean the heads of a camera. The heads of a camera can become dirty and clogged after years of use. This results in glitchy lines across your image.  They look like this.

Where do I get a Head Cleaner, and how much does it cost?

Either do a google search for "mind dv head cleaner" or just get one on Amazon.  They cost between $7-$35. (here is one on Amazon).

Once I get it, what do I do?

Some cleaners have different directions, but in general you just put the cleaner in just like you would any other tape. Then press play (or start) and let it run for about 10 seconds. After that, just press stop and remove the cleaner and you're good to go.

Can I do it more than once to be sure?

Yes, check the instructions on the specific Head Cleaner you have. Most say if you're still seeing the image glitch after about 4 times, it might be something else.