What's new in LifeFlix v4.2.5?

What's new in LifeFlix v4.2.5?

We've added a couple new features and fixes in LifeFlix v4.2.5: 

  • New Feature: There’s a new toolbar item that lets you set the video adjustments for each video. Click "Show Video Adjustments" icon as shown below: 

And the video enhancements window will open up. Here you adjust color, exposure, sharpness, highlights & shadows and the vibrance of your video. 

Watch a short video on this new feature here.

Note: Videos have to be playing to see the changes. Adjustments won't appear if the video is paused (the video will loop). 

Also, all changes are non-destructive, so the original clip is always available.  If the user clicks the bypass button at the bottom, then none of the adjustments will be applied and the video will play or be exported without modification.

  • New Feature. Import entire folders of video files. In the past LifeFlix could only import one video file at a time.
  • New Feature. Duplicate Scenes. 

  • Fix: Addressed the data-lost-during-a-crash issue. After a crash, any unattached movies go into a special “Orphaned Movies” album.