The Year of Rescuing Precious Memories

Posted by Robert Sharp on

When we started LifeFlix in 2013 the original tagline was "Rescuing Precious Memories". A little bit later we added "...before it's too late!" because we thought adding some fear and urgency would help grow the business (it didn't). 
After a while we began to notice a trend. Our top sales days were always weekends and holidays. People were generally at home on these days and often projects would include emptying and rearranging the contents from drawers. There they would inevitably find some old VHS, Hi-8, Video8, Digital8 or MiniDV tapes containing, you guessed it, precious memories!. 
Fast forward to 2020, the year of the Covid pandemic, and all of a sudden every day was similar to a weekend or holiday. Sure people still had to work, however, after a few hours of Zoom fatigue people found themselves procrastinating and looking for distractions. Cluttered desk drawers and closets were the perfect excuse to waste some time not in front of the computer screen.
And lo and behold, a funny thing happened. The LifeFlix business started booming! What started as a side project for a couple of guys who couldn't get iMovie to capture MiniDV tapes, turned into a thriving business. We're still small, we still have day jobs, but we're proud to say that LifeFlix has now rescued a measure of order more precious memories than just a year ago. 

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