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Latest Release

Version 2.5 (September 22, 2017)

- LifeFlix is upgraded to 64 bits
- Fixed audio issue with Canon cameras
- Split functionality to cut or split a video into smaller videos. Move the playhead and click the Split button.
- New Tape creation.  Either Drag and drop or click the + sign and you can drag in clips

Version 2.0 (March 10, 2017) Watch video

- New logo and application icon!
- Ability to sort tapes by name, recording or import dates.
- Real progress bar during combine.
- Full screen app mode (app window can be sized).
- Full screen video feature.
- Bug: Fixed Facebook upload error.

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Release history

Version 1.5.8 (Aug 23, 2016)

- Combine undo speed improvements
- Fixed crashing bug during undo of multiple scene combining

    Version 1.5.7 (Apr 08, 2016)

    - Bug Fix- Fix bug with '#' sign in a thumbnail path name.
    - Bug Fix- Modern thumbnail generation to avoid crashing on 10.9 and higher.
    - Design Change- Add modal combine dialog.
    - Bug Fix- Fixed bug with combining already combined scenes.
    - Bug Fix- Fixed memory leak in thumbnail creation.

      Version 1.5.6 (Feb 05, 2016)

      - Bug- Skipped scenes cause duplicate scene names in app, but not on disk causing mismatch
      - Bug- Combine scenes that are some how named the same, and undo, first scene won't play
      - Design Change - Changed name of Create Single file to Combine All

      Version 1.5.5 (Dec 02, 2015) 

      - Support for El Capitan (bugs fixed)
      - Minor bug fix

      Version 1.5.0 (Nov 05, 2015)

      - Fixed- Menu item select all not working
      - Fixed- Scene delete is not multi-select aware, always deletes just one scene
      - Fixed- Combine doesn't support undo
      - Fixed- Stop the computer from going to sleep during a recording session
      - Fixed- Not able to delete a tape
      - Fixed- Fixed a case of mass scene creation
      - Fixed- Occasional inaccurate recorded date or time listed
      - New- Create folders and files with names that relate to the tape and scene name
      - New- Editing a scene or tape name changes the name on the drive to match
      - Various bug fixes

      Version 1.4.0 (Jul 29, 2015)

      - Improved movie making feature
      - Easily trim or shorten videos: Playhead now follows Trim Start and End points when moved
      - Use arrow keys to advance Trim points forward and backward one frame at a time
      - New scene scissors icon showing which scenes have been trimmed or combined
      - Use the Command key to select non-sequential individual Scenes
      - Use Shift key to select a sequential group of multiple scenes
      - Various UI bug fixes

      Version 1.3.5 (May 12, 2015)

      - Added warning when trying to combine clips still being processed
      - Added ability to step frame by frame though videos using the arrow keys

      Version 1.3.3 (May 09, 2015) 

      - Various bug fixes and UI updates.
      - Remove auto scene detection option
      - "Create single file" and "Combine" buttons replaced "Combine" and "Select All"
      - Added Start Import and Resume Import to File menu
      - Got rid of a bunch of unnecessary menu items in Edit Menu
      - Changed Help Menu to be four different URLs to our website help
      - CMD will now also work for multi-select in the scene list
      - CMD + A will work for Select All scenes
      - Removed support for iMovie (not supported by Apple anymore)

      Version 1.3.1 (Dec 17, 2014)

      - New! Ability to combine multiple scenes into a single scene

      Version 1.2.9 (Nov 04, 2014)

      - Added "Resume" capture support button for continuing to capture to the same tape without making a new one. Also made a change so that the default name when saving scene files matches the actual scene name.

      Version 1.2.8 (Oct 14, 2014)

      - Retain more metadata on capture so that the recording date is entered as the file date on disk.

      Version 1.2.6 (Jun 17, 2014)

      - Fix a bug that caused single full tape captures to stop occasionally and create multiple clips despite not requesting multiple scenes.

      Version 1.2.5 (Feb 19, 2014)

      - Fixed problems with capturing audio on Canon cameras and crashing when capturing full tapes without scene detection.

      Version 1.2.3 (Jan 14, 2014)

      - Fixes some bugs with importing a full tape as well as fixed a problem where saving a single scene works correctly.

      Version 1.2.2 (Jan 09, 2014)
      Update support for OSX 10.9 (Mavericks)

      Version 1.2 (Nov 25, 2013)

      - Adds ability to "Save To" a user defined folder.
      - Adds ability to skip rewinding your tape on import.
      - Adds ability to skip compression and capture at high quality
      - Adds ability to capture to a single file and skip automatic scene detection

      Version 1.1 (Nov 01, 2013) 

      - Fixed a problem where previously, if your Tape or Scene had the forward slash character ("/") in its name it wouldn't save to iMovie.
      - Saving to iPhoto now sets the movie date to actual recording date rather than export date.
      - New "Rewind Tape" checkbox in import window allows you to bypass tape rewinding. This is necessary if you have more than 10 seconds of blue tape (blue tape is blank tape) between scenes or damaged/garbled video. In the past, LifeFlix would stop importing video when it encountered this. Now you can uncheck "Rewind Tape" and LifeFlix will start importing from any point on your MiniDV tape.

      Version 1.0 (June 28, 2013)