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LifeFlix is a great import or capture companion for all editors. Yes you can use your editor to bring in video, but some don't support tape based cameras any more. In addition LifeFlix is much easier to use, catalogs your videos for easy management, and allows you to only bring in the clips you want, not the entire tape.




Importing into iMovie

  1. Import videos into LifeFlix, which creates Scenes under each Tape.
  2. Open iMovie.
  3. There are two options to importing videos from LifeFlix to iMovie:

Option One: Using iPhoto

1) From inside LifeFlix, from the Tape you wish to import, choose all or a few Scenes.

2) Click the iPhoto button under the viewer. This should launch iPhoto and export them inside.


3) Go to iMovie, Create a project, then click on iPhoto in the upper left. You should see your LifeFlix videos.

4) Choose your video, drag, and drop to the timeline below.  


Option Two: Importing files

1) This is simple: Click Import inside of iMovie and locate the LifeFlix files  (User/Movies/LifeFlix/Tapes/Scenes).

2) Done.