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We conducted online research to find the best capturing tools, and LifeFlix popped right up.  It was extremely easy to use right off the bat and was very user-friendly, which was an important thing for us as we had several different people (PAs, interns, archival producers, assistant editors, etc.) who would come in and capture footage for us on a given day. Having a user-friendly, straightforward application like LifeFlix allowed us to keep our workflow moving fluidly and quickly as there was not a steep learning curve, so new users picked it up very quickly and our workflow kept moving seamlessly. 

We had several hundred MiniDV tapes that needed capturing, which was no small feat. We're still receiving tapes to capture as of now, so the exact number is yet to be seen. LifeFlix is a pretty self-sufficient software meaning that if we set up a tape to capture, we didn't have to babysit it and watch over it constantly to make sure it's functioning properly. It allowed us to focus our attention on other important aspects of our workflow as we could rest assured that the capturing process was being completed without any errors or problems, so it was a huge weight off our shoulders.  

Due to the functionality and stability of LifeFlix alone, we would recommend it to anyone. I've never had tape capture go smoothly before; it always seems like something goes wrong and you either have to start the process from the beginning or combine several parsed clips into one, ultimately adding time, unnecessary work, and stress to the workflow. LifeFlix changed all that. This was never the case with LifeFlix. It handled the capture process very smoothly and efficiently without error. Also, because it is user-friendly and powerful at the same time, it's a great piece of software for all users, consumers and professionals alike