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These are real unsolicited emails we got from customers.

"This is the most wonderful $10 I have ever spent in my ENTIRE LIFE! We had all of these 10-year-old tapes from our old Canon Elura 70 that were LOST to us. We bought cables and could NOT figure out how to get them to our computer for the last 5 years (yes, we are procrastinators). I bought this software for $10 on the Mac App Store and thought, 'oh well, it can't be worse than the other stuff we tried.  I plugged in the camcorder and like MAGIC my old DV tapes started importing to my Mac. I am sooooooo happy I could cry!  We have one tape with my now deceased step-father, my 93-year-old Granny, AND my deceased 96-year-old mother-in-law on it. If we had lost this tape, we would have lost something PRICELESS! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  Have a very blessed day!"  - Georgia 

"I have no real problem using iMovie, and perhaps I need to use it, but I liked the lazy and mindless aspect of your software."  - Doug

"Great Program! I just want to say how much I LOVE your program!!! I was having problems trying to load a DV onto iMovie, it would end up being very choppy. It may have been broken time codes or something but I could not import it smoothly. Your program makes transferring SO much easier!"  - Geemin

"I purchased the app a few days ago, and it’s been really useful. I'm a technical professional with a lot of experience transcoding video, but your application just makes it simple and fast. I use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder, but for archiving old DV tapes, LifeFlix is a winner. Your H.264 mpeg encoding works a lot faster than encoding out of iMovie, and the results are dialed spot-on with the mpeg video quality. I don't think there’s ever a valid need to capture the full-size video. The difference between the H.264 encoded video and the full DV video file is imperceptible to me."  - David

"Appreciate the software - it seems to do what it's supposed to really well! (iMovie wasn't working at all, it was blanking/dropping out every 2 seconds.)"  - Fred

"I'll be importing another 30 or so tapes. You made my wife and kids very happy. – Facebook.com/lifeflix

"Seriously, the best piece of software I've ever purchased. Did exactly as promised. No fuss." - Robert

"We own a video transfer business and mini-dv's are terribly difficult to transfer because of all the control track breaks. Your product does a very good job of stitching the clips together. Thank you very much." - Keith T. 

"I wanted a simple application that would let me archive my video and edit them later without having to worry about a newer version of iMovie or Final Cut no longer being able to read them as new versions were released. This application fit the bill perfectly!" - Ronnie E.

"I work in a library as a video preservationist. There aren't many pieces of software available for lossless capture of MiniDV." - Geoff W.