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Troubleshooting Guide

If you get this Alert, your Mac or LifeFlix is not recognizing your camcorder.

LifeFlix needs to see or recognize your camera, and upon launch it automatically looks for a FireWire device. We are working very hard to support every camera, Mac, and system configuration on the planet, but unfortunately this isn't possible. It drives us crazy, but we add more all the time. It is, however, also possible it's a bad cable, connector, or a simple "reset" of the camera and software.

    We know this can be frustrating! These steps work most of the time, so please give them a try!


    1. Confirm you are using Mac OSX 10.7 or later.
    2. Keep your camcorder powered on and in VCR mode (sometimes called VTR or Play mode).
    3. Unplug the FireWire cable and any adaptor you're using from both the camera and the computer.
    4. Quit LifeFlix.
    5. Plug the FireWire cable and any adaptor you're using back into both the camera and the computer.
    6. Re-launch LifeFlix.
    7. Click "Import."

    If this doesn't work, let's try a few more things...

      Are you using a FireWire cable from your camcorder?

      • Make sure you are not using a USB cable. DV camcorders often have a FireWire and USB port. They look similar but only the FireWire port can transfer DV video. See a picture of the FireWire cable here.

              Does your video play in the camcorder's viewfinder?  

              • If it doesn't, this would indicate there is something wrong with the tape or camcorder itself (like a bad or corroded play head).

              Does your camcorder have a button, switch, or menu setting that changes the output format to DV?

              • Some camcorders can output more than one digital video format.  See your camcorder's documentation for instructions.

              Does your QuickTime or iMovie recognize your camcorder?

              • Go to the Applications folder, double click QuickTime or iMovie, and choose Import.

              Make sure A/V to DV Out is turned on in the menu on your camcorder.

              • This is usually in the settings area in the digital menu on your camcorder's LCD screen.  

              Do you have another FireWire cable you can try?

              • It's rare, but yes, sometimes the cable is bad.

              Do you have another Mac you can try?

              • There are a number of hardware problems that can keep a Mac from recognizing a camera. We hope this isn't the issue, but it should be checked.

              Does your camcorder show up in System Info?  

              • Go to "About this Mac" in the Apple menu and click "More Info." Then click "System Report." Your camcorder should show up when you highlight the FireWire section.

               ​​One last chance.... users have reported this working!

              • Manually queue DV tape to a few seconds prior to where you want to start the import.
              • Click import on LifeFlix and type in title, uncheck auto-rewind, and uncheck compression (DO NOT START ACTUAL IMPORT YET, or your file will not save).
              • Press play on the DV camera then immediately start LifeFlix import.

              Uh oh, we didn't work? We apologize! Now we do two things: You GET a REFUND, and we add one lash for every failure to our engineer's monthly beatings - they have requested this arrangement because they take it so seriously. :)

              Please submit a help request to get refund here