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All help resources are on this page. If you can't find what you need, let us know.   


Here you'll find the most common issues or questions. Click here 

Contact US

We usually respond within 24 hours, but since we are a small company, sometimes it may take a little longer. Contact us. 

Mac Connection Guide

An overview of cables and connectors for your Mac. Click here

Troubleshooting Guide (camera connection problem)

Sometimes LifeFlix does not recognize a camera. This is because either the camera is not supported (which we are working on) or possibly something more simple, like a bad cable or a camera setting. Please use these steps to troubleshoot the problem. Click here

User Guide

A basic step-by-step user guide. Click here

Getting Started

A quick guide to getting started. Click here

Format, Import, and Compression Options

Here are some of the more nerdy details for what's happening under the hood. By default, we make good decisions for you if you don't understand this stuff. Click here

Return Policy and Refunds

It's simple: we accept all returns and refund your money when LifeFlix doesn't work. Complete this return form to process a return.