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LifeFlix is the easiest, fastest, and most affordable Mac App created to import your MiniDV tapes so you can watch, save, and share all your favorite memories!

Designed to be used by anyone, but developed by video industry veterans that have been creating professional video applications for 15 years.

Getting Started

1) Find your tapes (they look like this)

2) Connect your camera to your Mac computer

Connect via FireWire cable (not USB). Turn on the camera and set to VCR or Play mode, not Record.   (Learn more about connecting)



3) Launch LifeFlix and click the blue Import button.


4) Set Import options.

  • Tape Name - Name your tape, give a description.  The tape name will be used in the video file name stored on your computer or hard drive.
  • Rewind - LifeFlix will automatically rewind the tape and begin importing. You can see the memories coming in as they import! (TIP: you can disable the auto-rewind function if you want to start the import halfway through the tape).
  • Compress - You only have one choice to make - compress or don't compress video during import. If you're not familiar with compression, leave it checked, this is the best and recommended method. If you want to retain the original DV format, uncheck the box.  Learn more


During Import, audio will not be heard. This is normal.



5) Auto-Stop feature

You can simply click Import and walk away. The importing will automatically stop after the tape is done, which could be 60 minutes (or however much video is on the tape). If the tape stops before done, you can click the Resume button next to Import (this sometimes happens when there is a 10-second or longer gap between videos).

6) Tapes and Scenes.

When done, the entire tape or all the videos are saved in the LifeFlix catalog, which is organized by "Tapes." Each individual video clip is broken out into "Scenes."  If you'd prefer to combine all your video clips into a single file instead of broken out into scenes, click here for details.


7) Watch your videos!

Here's where the fun begins! Click any Scene and play it in the view/trim window.


8) Trim and Share.

You can select a single scene, do a quick Trim, and share to Facebook or YouTube. To delete tapes or scenes, just select and click Delete.  More on creating movies inside LifeFlix.  Learn more


9) Beware!

This may happen while viewing memories...

 If LIfeFlix is not connecting to your camera, try these steps.


It's that simple! BUY NOW or Try It For Free