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faq 7

You can either create a single file or multiple files (or video clips) based on the starting and stopping of the original camera recording.  

In both cases you import the tapes the same way.  LifeFlix imports all videos as multiple files

Creating a single file

To create a single file, select a scene from the Scenes column, and then from the LifeFlix DV Importer menu bar choose the Select All option from the Edit drop-down menu.  Once you have done this the Combine button will become activated. Click the button to combine all of the scenes into a single file.

This is useful if your intend is to archive all tapes and all videos to a hard drive or DVD.

Making a movie

Another option is to use the "Combine" button to assemble any combination of files by holding down the Apple Command key and selecting the individual Scenes or files you'd like to put together into a single Scene or file.  We recommend trimming each file before combining them to make a better more concise movie.