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faq 11

Do you experience this issue regardless of which tape you attempt to import or is this issue isolated to a single tape?

The fact that scenes are being broken into such small scenes indicates that LifeFlix is likely experiencing an issue communicating with the camcorder or with reading the metadata associated with your tape. Unfortunately, this is sometimes simply the case with certain camera/tape combinations. We continue to research the issue.

As a work-around for tapes that exhibit this behavior, you can try to import the tapes in segments. Try importing between 200-300 scenes from the tape and then click the "Stop" button. Once the imports have processed use the "Combine" function to combine the clips as desired. Click the "Resume" button to have the import pick up from the point it left off. Continue this process until the full tape has been imported. While this process can be tedious it can be an effective way of getting a problem tape imported.

Another option, while not ideal, is if you are able to attempt import from an alternate camcorder, it will often corrects the issue.

If these solutions don't work contact support and we would be happy to help you out or give you a refund.  Contact us