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Join our movement to rescue memories!

"There are over 2.3 billion lost tapes around the world sitting in shoeboxes."

- LifeFlix Labs

You can make money by partnering with LifeFlix as an Affiliate. Here's what you need to know:

  1. 40% commission. 
  2. No cost to sign up.
  3. Get paid on any sales made within 30 days of the click.
  4. Anyone with old DV tapes is a potential customer, easy to sell.

Why LifeFlix?

  • LifeFlix is the industry's leading Mac-based MiniDV Import Software. Our mission is to rescue the billions of lost memories trapped in drawers and shoe boxes around the world.
  • LifeFlix takes those tapes and allows the user to import, save, and share them.
  • LifeFlix has already rescued over 2 million lost memories.

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How You Can Promote and Sell LifeFlix?

The Affiliate Link

This is the most common way to refer a customer. You will be given a unique partner link that connects back to your account. Just put a link or graphic with a link on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email newsletter. Anybody that clicks on that link and purchases the product gets you a commission.

When someone clicks on or types in your Affiliate Link, their browser is "cookied" with your Affiliate ID for 30 days. If that person creates an account and purchased LifeFlix using that browser during the next 30 days, you will receive commission credit.

      Here are some of our happy 

      Customer Reviews

      "I wanted a simple application that would let me archive my video and edit them later without having to worry about a newer version of iMovie or Final Cut no longer being able to read them as new versions were released. This application fit the bill perfectly!" (Ronnie E.)

      "Great Program! I just want to say how much I LOVE your program!!! I was having problems trying to load a DV onto iMovie, it would end up being very choppy. It may have been broken time codes or something but I could not import it smoothly. Your program makes transferring SO much easier!" (Geemin)

      "I'll be importing another 30 or so tapes. You made my wife and kids very happy." (Facebook.com/lifeflix)

      Help us rescue these lost memories, and we'll share the profits with you!  

        For more information, or to apply for our Affiliate Program, please fill out the contact form below. We look forward to partnering with you!

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