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LifeFlix was founded by video industry veterans who have worked together for almost 20 years. We started in the 90's when the digital video age spawned, cultivated, and launched. All founders use video editors and have been involved in several major professional video companies. The genesis of LifeFlix came from a shared frustration of trying to import our dozens of MiniDV tapes using video editors. We all agreed the experience was was ok for one tape, but not for 20.  We just wanted to import, watch, save, and share our memories.  

We all threw in about $80,000, hired some engineers and designers, and got to work launching the first version of LifeFlix in early 2013. Now a couple thousand customers later, we've got a great product.  Read reviews

Our Product Goal

The Bigger Mission

To rescue billions of dormant memories sitting in drawers and shoe boxes around the world!

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MiniDV History

In 1995, it happened! This was the year the major video camera manufacturers launched the DV camcorder. No longer was video production accessible only in the realm of Hollywood or broadcast journalism. Finally, video production was affordable on a home-level, and soon we busily went about populating those small little MiniDV tapes with as much footage as possible.

Worldwide sales of DV camcorders (and by association, MiniDV tapes) exploded until 2008 when they finally started declining due to the increased popularity of tapeless video devices, such as the FlipHD and the iPhone. By various accounts, it is estimated that approximately 150 million DV camcorders were sold worldwide during this period. This means that over a billion hours of video footage was shot on MiniDV tapes with DV camcorders.  

That's a whole lot of precious memories that need rescuing!  And indeed, they do need to be rescued. According to Sony, these tapes - being magnetic in material - will wear out in about 20 years. While this gives you a bit time (actually, not much if you have MiniDV footage from 1995), the bigger concern is probably the extinction of a playback device - namely, a working DV camcorder.