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LifeFlix.com's mission is to rescue billions of trapped video memories from old tapes.

LifeFlix was created by three individuals with years of professional experience in the TV and film industry. Like most of our customers, we had captured many great memories with family and friends on mini DV tapes “back in the day.” As technology advanced and we could start filming great video with our mobile devices and other advanced cameras, one problem still lingered. What the heck are we supposed to do with that box full of DV tapes? We didn’t want to send our tapes to a store and wait days to get our footage back, and we couldn’t find any software that made it easy to import and edit the footage just how we wanted. Instead of wasting time looking for solutions, we decided to create one. We made LifeFlix to finally have a user-friendly software where you easily import the footage from your mini DV tape to your Mac, edit the clips you want and the ones you don’t, and with one click, share it with family and friends. For all the people looking for an easy solution to import your old mini DV tapes into great quality digital video, LifeFlix is your answer.

Our Product Goal

  • Easy. There is little to no learning curve (when things are difficult, we tend to not use them). When you plug in the camera, it captures what you want.
  • Affordable. The product should be a reasonable price and much less than a shipping conversion service.
  • Tears. At least one person needs to cry when watching lost memories. ;-)

Company sponsorship

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MiniDV History

In 1995, it happened! This was the year the major video camera manufacturers launched the DV camcorder. No longer was video production accessible only in the realm of Hollywood or broadcast journalism. Finally, video production was affordable on a home-level, and soon we busily went about populating those small little MiniDV tapes with as much footage as possible.

Worldwide sales of DV camcorders (and by association, MiniDV tapes) exploded until 2008 when they finally started declining due to the increased popularity of tapeless video devices, such as the FlipHD and the iPhone. By various accounts, it is estimated that approximately 150 million DV camcorders were sold worldwide during this period. This means that over a billion hours of video footage was shot on MiniDV tapes with DV camcorders.  

That's a whole lot of precious memories that need rescuing!  And indeed, they do need to be rescued. According to Sony, these tapes - being magnetic in material - will wear out in about 20 years. While this gives you a bit time (actually, not much if you have MiniDV footage from 1995), the bigger concern is probably the extinction of a playback device - namely, a working DV camcorder.